Royal Muselet

Royal Muselet

The beginning of a moment, a new emotion.

There is a story from the past that has always fascinated us at WineExperience.Style. In 1844, the first form of closure for Champagne wine was invented. In the early decades of the 1900s, it was perfected to be produced on a large scale. Since then, those manufacturing processes have represented the history of sparkling wine.

​A glance and the art of authenticity flows through the shapes.

Observing the charm and prestige that revolves around the world of sparkling wine, over the years at WineExperience.Style, we have always been committed to studying thread processing techniques to create a new dimension of prestige. Time and the constant commitment to looking at unique, elegant, and refined shapes have allowed us to design a new story.

The ability to dominate the ductile.

There is a specific moment when the strength of metal loosen up.
That specific moment writes the identity and appeal of Royal Muselet.

Charm, uniqueness, elegance.

The nature of the Royal Muselet is to tell new forms of stories, of emotions, of elegance. One glance and the imagination follows those thread forms that at each point of their modelling tell something unique, special, and extraordinary.

Royal Muselet is a project by WineExperience.Style and is the result of a development path where authenticity, elegance and beauty have been shaped by technical and stylistic experiences and stories from the past with a totally experiential vision.

Elegance against force.

The force of nature is dominated by a new dimension of elegance. The perfect balance of metal wire twisting and links becomes an expression of extraordinary attention to details.

Intellectual Property

The Royal Muselet project is protected by intellectual property and copyright laws and all rights are signed and owned by WineExperience.Style.

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