A glance,
innovation become experiential.

Royal Muselet is a project by WineExperience.Style and represents a studio space where innovation, authenticity, and elegance have been shaped by technical, stylistic experiences and stories from the past with a totally experiential vision.

Study and inspiration

Muselet, a story that begins from afar.

​The metal plate closure is an idea patented in 1844 and was created to prevent the cork from being damaged while holding back the strong pressures generated by the fermentation of Champagne wine in the bottle. Initially, the plate was combined with hemp string, but this was later replaced by metal wire to increase the strength and facilitate opening.
Since then, the wire solution has been used more and more, becoming an icon and distinctive element for all sparkling wines on the international scene.

A challenge from the past.

The complex working of the steel wire, perfected between the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900, witnesses how at that time bottles of sparkling wine had to have an elegant, refined appearance able to relay a distinction out of the ordinary.
In the following decades, closures for sparkling wines have been proposed several times, trying to reduce or replace the complex working of the wire, but no solution could overcome the unmistakable charm of the muselet closure.
This closure remains the most requested model even in the modern market and still continues to tell of a special challenge and prestige of the past.

A long research before innovating.

Design and precision mechanics.

Royal Muselet is a project that combines creativity, precious metal modeling and precision mechanics. The valorization study was a challenge that led to trying out solutions totally unrelated to conventional production systems.
A systematic and structured process allowed to integrate aesthetic forms with special processing.

The ability to dominate the ductile.

There is a specific moment when the strength of metal loosen up.
That specific moment writes the identity and appeal of Royal Muselet.

Elegance against force.

The force of nature is dominated by a new dimension of elegance. The perfect balance of metal wire twisting and links becomes an expression of extraordinary attention to details.

Uniqueness, and authenticity.

For the Royal Muselet project, an extraordinary study has been carried out to be able to reproduce an experience of unmistakable originality in more and more occasions and allow the taste of elegance even before tasting the wine.

Intellectual Property

The rights of the Royal Muselet project are owned by WineExperience.Style and are protected by intellectual property laws.

Tailoring language,

for stories to be told.

The thin superior cap, set in the harmonious route of the metal wire, recalls tailoring, where every detail of texture, finish and sewing tells a special and original story.

Intellectual Property

The rights of the Royal Muselet project are owned by WineExperience.Style and are protected by intellectual property laws.


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