Wice Lumia

Wice Lumia

A distinguished beauty line designed to seduce the imagination with unparalleled charm.

€ 5.200,00

The charm of a detail, authenticity over time.

A special experience.

Wice Lumia transcends technical function and plays a role of total expression of style. Its presence tells of distinct passions, of lifestyle, of desires to experience new emotions. Its refined design, its aesthetic finishes, are an expression of those who wish to extend their lifestyle into everything around them.

Wice Lumia

The emotion of a new hospitality.

Harmony of lines and finishes,

for elegance at first glance.

In the DNA of Wice Lumia there is a desire to surprise, to astonish, to marvel, all through a perfect harmony of finishes and aesthetic solutions. The supporting structure is made of polished, gold-plated steel.
Wice Lumia V240070
Wice Lumia V240080
Wice Lumia V240090

Wice System-E

Wice Lumia uses the Wice System-E cooling system, a technical solution that makes each Wice model unique and authentic. Wice System-E includes specific processing and surface treatments designed to have equal colour tones between the different components.

Elegance and functionality.

Wice Lumia is designed to offer the best aesthetic experience while preserving extreme ease of use. A simple click and the Wice System-E cooling element is placed in the freezer.

Your passion, your lifestyle.

The value of authenticity in WineExpereience.Style is a hallmark in every product becoming an expression of one’s lifestyle.

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