Wice System

Design, technicality.

All Wice models use the Wice System cooling solution. ​The special cooling element has been studied to be an expression of authenticity even of the most technical part of the project. Every detail of the shape combines aesthetic requirements with the technical and physical requirements of the behaviour of the liquid inside as it changes from a liquid to a solid state during use.

The internal cavity of the Pocket, where the bottle is placed, has triple-curved surfaces, a solution that offers the best performance with all bottle sizes up to 1.5 liters and with a maximum diameter of 105 mm.
Simply placing the bottle on the surface will ensure the best contact.
– S M area for medium-small bottles.
– M L area for medium-large bottles.

High autonomy,

no water and ice.

Inside the cooling element, a special non-toxic liquid keeps the bottles cool for up to three hours. The special liquid, closed and sealed inside the cooling element, allows the cooling system to be used countless times. The refined technical solution Wice System avoids using water and ice every time as with the traditional bucket.

The pleasure of designing authenticity.

Right from the beginning, the Wice project was developed to create something special and unique. The sloped back surface was designed to ensure that the surface resistance of the condensation drops, which form on the outer sides, is sufficient to prevent them from falling into the support surface and instead make them slide down following the inclination of the back side. The arched structure of the support base forces the same drops of condensation to follow their path towards the collecting tank placed in the front part.

One click and it’s on stage.
One click and it’s on stage.

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