WineExperience.Style is a brand that combines knowledge from the concept design sector, the processing of technical materials and precious metals, and precision mechanics. Antonio Pieriboni, founder and creative director of WineExperience.Style, coordinates and unites the activities of these different environments through the experience gained over the years in projects related to industrial design, development of intangible assets and intellectual property rights, and precision mechanics for the fashion industry.
Coordinating this knowledge towards the world of wine comes naturally to Antonio Pieriboni, as he was born into a family of wine producers, a background that allows him to transfer a distinct design vision to WineExperience.Style.

Founder and Creative Director
Antonio Pieriboni

Vision and mission.

Creating something related to the world of wine is at WineExperience.Style a special responsibility and experience. The know-how and the direct contact with the world of wine always lead to study what are the elements that represent prestige and charm in every aspect and from every point of observation. A product or project signed WineExperience.Style wants to be an expression and synonym of authenticity and exclusivity.

The fascination of authenticity.

The possibility of using the most advanced technologies and knowledge in different sectors allows each individual project to have its own personality and identity.
A detail thus becomes a distinctive sign capable of narrating extraordinary design research.
All tangible and intangible assets signed WineExperience.Style are protected by intellectual property laws and copyrights. WineExperience.Style is a registered trademark and all rights are reserved.

Know-how and innovation.

Behind every product and project, there is always significant research and development. Through a systematic and structured approach, we study solutions with a strong aesthetic and technical impact. All WineExperience.Style projects are developed using the most modern design and processing technologies available on the market. This enables creativity to find new balances between evolution and tradition.

WineExperience.Style is the owner of the Royal Muselet project.

All rights are reserved

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