Ponente Ambition

As you delve deeper into a passion, you discover more and more how it is linked to your personality. Observing and discovering the fascination of a detail is no longer just a way of knowing something new, it is a new experience where that detail will take its place in one’s lifestyle.

Ponente Ambition is the result of a perfect balance of high-precision mechanical technical solutions that transcend the status of technicality and express themselves through a futuristic, elegant design, with soft and sinuous lines: a result capable of extending the emotions of those who seek a taste for the refined in everything around them.

A heart of technicality.

Inside the tabs a perfect synergy of innovation, technicality and tradition can be found, criteria which characterize the style of WineExperience.Style in all its projects. The structure with its sinuous profile and linked intersections is obtained as a result of production techniques used for jewelry.

As the wine flows out of the bottle it is forced to make a continual change of direction and as it passes through the internal channels it is pushed in a natural way towards the sides which force the increase in contact with air.

About Patent

Unique, in all its parts.

The futuristic lines of Ponente Ambition have been extended also to its display.

The presence of Ponente Ambition in everyday life confirms the wish to live a sophisticated, elegant lifestyle in every circumstance.

Ponente Ambition,
charm and personality.

The emotion of embracing a jewel.

Ponente Ambition is the pleasure of living one’s passion for the wine culture searching for the most sophisticated aspects in every detail. Embracing Ponente Ambition gives an incomparable emotion: the passion for elegance, design and technicality seems to come alive with the tab at the center and the movement of slowly wrapping the external leaf around this feels like caressing and protecting a new dimension of joy which is personified in a jewel.

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