There is an aspect of wine culture that has an extraordinary strength, a force capable of offering emotions and prestige even only through visual references to its fascinating world.

Shades that decorate.

P-Lounge are graphic prints designed to furnish environments that require unique, engaging and high-impact graphic content. Their function is to be accomplices of atmospheres through unexpected beauty. They evoke contents of wine culture and their expressive capacity quickly leads the imagination to discover where empathy is born at the glance.

Passion enters the scene.

The fluidity of the lines which mark each project and seem to be drawn by the flow of the nectar of the gods evokes the calm time that nature imposes to preserve fascinating stories.

The absence of edges in the forms, arrives at the imagination as a dimension of space without boundaries, without beats of time. The seduced gaze begins to explore the most intimate part of the image to discover where the sensation of perfection, which seems to have no origin, begins. 

That sort of movement, coming out of static forms and arriving calm, harmonious, and precise, is already empathy decoding emotions.



In the study of each project signed WineExperience.Style the search for the perfect balance between form, concept and technicality leads to look with total attention to their essences, their DNA.

The claim of perfection, pursued by instinct, drives technical aesthetic solutions that tell a dimension of pure beauty, without paradigms and conventional rules.

The images of the P-Lounge graphics evoke contents that go beyond the direct association with the liquid matter of wine and can be used as conceptual and stylistic expressions.

The futuristic vision, the sinuosity, the purity, the style of the forms tell a technicality capable of seducing the imagination, able to remove the unpleasant and instantly build feelings of pleasure that interact with one’s personality and lifestyle.

Features P-Lounge

P-Lounge prints are delivered in high quality resolutions and printed on photosensitive supports with Durst Lambda print technology. We use this technology because it offers much wider RGB colour tones than the four-colour printing and the strong visual impact remains much more stable as the type of lighting changes. Moreover, the Durst Lambda technology doesn’t use inks but continuous tone lasers and this allows, through the development with RA4 or Ilfochrome® photographic process, to eliminate the dithering effect and to obtain the perfect photographic look even in large formats.

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