Wice Exclusive

There are times when the uniqueness of detail must go beyond its objectivity.
It has to be able to be on stage with its authenticity, to catch the eye and show its charm without forcing it, in a natural way.

Design and personality.

The thin side profile makes the style of Wice Exclusive unmistakable and is the signature of each version. The two curved lines, fluid and fleeting at the same time, trace the shape of the surfaces where each prestigious processing makes Wice Exclusive a unique accessory with a distinct personality.

Harmony of finishes and know-how.

Every finish and aesthetic solution is developed to make Wice Exclusive an accomplice to the most demanding atmospheres. The most daring challenge is to let the style solutions take shape and be molded into a new emotion.

Precision in every detail.

The concept of Wice Exclusive was developed to create something special, something unique. Its maximum expressive capacity came when it was felt that every detail, even the most hidden, was in harmony with the whole project.
Wice Exclusive uses the special Wice System cooling element.

An expression of style.

Wice Exclusive is the desire to see something special among everyday spaces, that can seduce and open a dimension of pleasure in line with one’s lifestyle. All the finishing processes to create the Wice Exclusive models are handcrafted, using quality materials and finishes.

Wice Exclusive

The touch of a unique emotion.

History, passion, values.

The Wice project started in 2007 when Antonio Pieriboni, founder and creative director of WineExperience.Style, designed the first model. At that time, the intellectual property rights of Wice were licensed to a company that would independently manage all production and distribution activities for several years. The first model that Antonio designed in 2007 was also an object of attraction in the luxury sector. In 2008 on the occasion of a trade fair in the luxury sector, the Wice project was used to create a piece entirely in gold and diamonds for an important jewelry brand. Over the following years Antonio pursued his creative instinct by developing innovative projects in other sectors. Thanks to the new acquired knowledge, in 2019 he felt that the Wice project had to change direction in order to meet the expectations of a more demanding public that is aware of lifestyle objects. So he decided to move all the intangible and tangible assets to a new working environment where he could increase the quality criteria of design, production and communication. As from January 2020 all models will be signed WineExperience.Style.

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