Ponente project.

Ponente project was born from the need to experience to a greater extent the fascinating culture of wine in everyday and professional fields of life. The choice of wine is precondition of an experience which one expects to have, and of situations in which the imagination visualizes the wish to enjoy something special, unique and which leaves a good memory. This atmosphere will take shape naturally when everything is in its correct place and has something special to tell.

Technical, practical, engaging.

The gentle breathing and flow control take place naturally. Once Ponente is inserted into the bottle, the small tabs are ready to introduce a new experience.

Conventional free flow.

When serving wine, the air that enters the bottle to replace the volume of wine that has come out, enters freely through the section of the upper conduit without having significant contact with the wine coming out.

Ponente patent.

The system of patented tabs of Ponente forces the wine, through a narrowing of the passage and a continual change of micro flows, to increase contact with air thus absorbing in a natural way as many particles of oxygen possible which are obliged to pass through that point. Its design has also been studied to generate a thin, precise and homogeneous flow of wine and to prevent any accidental dripping.

It works even at rest.

The Ponente tabs system mostly involves the internal section of the bottle neck. The series of tabs thus makes it more difficult for air to pass between the outside and inside of the bottle, reducing any ingress of oxygen particles. Ponente in this case becomes useful when the wine inside the bottle is not being served all at once, such as at a dinner party or a moment of entertainment. The reduction of oxygen in the bottle helps the wine to preserve its properties until it is served again.

Two distinct but linked elements.

In a moment of conviviality, every winelover and professional from the wine sector prefers to avoid situations of embarrassment or awkwardness using any possible means. For this reason technical solutions have been adopted for Ponente which, despite being more demanding for the production system, offer a higher user-friendliness enhancing simple, elegant rituals. The part which rolls up is formed entirely by one complete piece. This allows us to exploit the system of Ponente’s aeration for the product’s entire lifetime, both the part inserted into the neck of the bottle and the part which remains outside, which is also used as a drip stopper. Furthermore having the whole surface entire permits a perfect distribution of elasticity in the material during the rolling-up. The central part which forms the tabs, in all the versions of Ponente, has been designed in a way so that it positions itself automatically at the center of the bottle neck. The central tab can be detached from the external leaf only in the version Ponente Ambition.

Easy to Use.

One move and it is ready for use.

All the versions of Ponente are easy to use. Once you have opened the bottle, you just need to roll it up and insert it into the bottle neck. Whilst rolling up Ponente, the aerator tab must be on the inside.

All versions of Ponente are reusable. After use, it is just sufficient to rinse with water.

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