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The gentle breath.

A still wine, whether from a white grape variety or a red grape variety that has been sealed in the bottle for a few months, always benefits from a bit of exposure to air when opened in order to fully reveal its organoleptic properties. To allow the wine to breathe, the common practice is to swirl the glass, letting the wine coat the sides slightly. What becomes immediately apparent is an increase in the intensity of aromas, primarily due to the evaporation of alcohol as soon as it is agitated. The purpose of letting the wine absorb oxygen is, however, is a little bit undermined because the oxygen particles inside the glass, as a matter of physics and not being forced from the outside, tend to remain in suspension following the rotation of the wine itself without being absorbed.
The patented Ponente aeration system exploits the simultaneous flow of wine and air that occurs in the neck of the bottle as the wine is poured into the glass.
As the wine flows out, it compels air to enter the bottle, occupying the space vacated. The convergence of these flows, moving at the same speed but in opposite directions, creates conditions where the wine can interact with more oxygen particles in the air.
Ponente’s patented lamella system forces the wine, through a narrowing of the passage and a continuous change of micro-flows, to increase its contact with the air, naturally absorbing as many oxygen particles as possible, taking them with it into the glass.

Concept and evolution.

The Ponente project started to take form with the first prototypes in 2010. Antonio Pieriboni, the project’s creator, had been observing the use of traditional pouring discs for some time. The practical act of wrapping the disc and placing it in the bottle’s neck was about preventing wine droplets from spilling onto the table, but it lacked any connection to the cultural elements of wine that inspire fascination and wonder. Based on this insight, the journey of research and development commenced, guiding the Ponente project towards a meticulous study and continuous evolution.

The delicacy of new rituals.

Modelling the rituals of the wine world is always a complex path and requires a distinct observational awareness to understand how a new gesture can evolve into a means of creating new emotions. Behind the simple use of each Ponente model lies an extensive and meticulous research study that brings together technical, aesthetic, and production solutions.

The value of authenticity.

Maintaining its unique and authentic concept has always been a top priority in the development of the Ponente project. In every model, technical and aesthetic solutions are carefully studied to consistently embody exceptional authenticity. It is essential for every user to experience the pleasure of holding the utmost expression of authenticity in their hands.

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